Having left Funchal on April 9 to the city of Sto. António, in the Prince, aboard the steam Portugal, stopping on the islands Cape Verde, in S. Vicente island, on April 13 and on the island of Santiago, in the city of Praia, on April 14, Arthur Eddington and Edwin Cottingham finally arrive at Sto. Antonio, Principe Island, on April 23rd.
Still on board, they were received by the acting administrator of the Prince, Mr. Vasconcelos, by the representative of the Colonial Agriculture Society and by Jerónimo José Carneiro, president of the Association of Planters, proprietor of Sundy, where they were to be installed and where would make their astronomical observations.

Text by: Ana Simões e Paulo Crawford

Picture: Overview of Santo António city in 1910 @ Odisseias Nos Mares e Terras


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