Taking advantage of the proximity of the centenary of the astronomical observations which made Eddington travel to the Island of Príncipe in 1919 and giving it an international dimension, Eddington at Sundy (E@S) aims at being the cornerstone in creating an historical and scientific legacy in São Tomé and Príncipe, especially at Roça Sundy.

The initiatives that, throughout time, took place in the island of Príncipe have raised awareness and evoked the pride of the cultural knowledge regarding the historic and scientific episode which was a consequence of the observation of the solar eclipse that was visible here as total in May 1919. Science at Sundy promotes, since 2013, scientific and cultural activities integrated in contexts of formal and non-formal education so as to involve students, teachers and the community. In particular Science Trails- paths which offer contact with nature with stops dedicated to the exploration of scientific topic (stations) integrated in the local historic and scientific context- count on the effective collaboration between teacher from Príncipe’s High School and national and international specialist in conceiving the stations, with the participation of students and members of the community as a target-audience and evaluators of the path, as well as the logistic support of local authorities in the initiative. It is them that, together with the Scouts Association and the Management Team of the Island of Príncipe’s Biosphere Reserve who guarantee maintenance, outreach and the continuity of the Science Trails. Transversally to the activities proposed in the scope of E@S, the deliberate and informed participation, as well as the involvement of the local population is a premise which ensures the perpetuation and appropriation of the results of this initiative.

Internationally, the 70th and 90th anniversary of the astronomical observation which Eddington made at Roça Sundy, an iconic place for Scientist, Anthropologists, Architects and a diversity of people interested in the several areas of knowledge were marked. Seeds were left and a marble landmark and a plate which mark the event.

The consolidation of the physical legacy comes with the celebration of the centenary in the form of Sundy’s Science Space. The distance of 100 years since the observations made Eddington and Cottigham’s allowed to review the last century and plan the very near future and therefore, apart from this space constituting the physical legacy, it is also the cornerstone for the creation of a truly dynamic and live Science Space framed in the strategic plan for the island of Príncipe’s development.

The production of a documentary regarding the centenary of the 1919 solar eclipse and the experimental validation of the Theory of General Relativity takes on a crucial role to ensure world visibility.
Know in detail some of the background of E@S in the island of Príncipe.


  Webinar: 99th aniversary of the Eddington expedition to the Island of Principe – Manuel Penhor e Lúcio Carvalho  


  Solar eclipse observation – 26/02/2017


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  29th of May celebrations  


    29th of May celebrations


  29th of May celebrations   Solar eclipse observation – 03/11/2013   Educational resources Eclipse 2013


  Paloma Polo. Posición aparente (Apparent position)


   Celebrating the 1919 eclipse at Príncipe