6 of November of 1919

  Sir Joseph Thomson, O.M., P.R.S., opened the joint session of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Society. He […]

22 of July of 1919

  At Sobral, the team stayed on for an additional seven weeks to obtain good reference photographs. On July 18, […]

12 of June of 1919

  On June 12 , A. Eddington and his team aboard a crowded steamer headed for Lisbon. The ship left […]

29 of May at Sobral

  Across the Atlantic at Sobral, the team there enjoyed excellent visibility, with no clouds and no worries about the […]

29 of May at Principe

  Arthur S. Eddington comments on the eclipse of May 29, 1919, six weeks after returning to England. The days […]

16 of May of 1919

  On May 16th the first equipment test at Sundy took place. The advance of the work and the isolation […]

30 of April of 1919

  On 30th April, Davidson and Crommelin arrived at Sobral. When arriving at its destination the astronomers had a warm welcome, previously […]

29 of April of 1919

Leaving Pará on April 24, Davidson and Crommelin arrived at Camocim on April 29 and departed the following day for […]

24 of April of 1919

  On 24rd of April Davidson and Crommellin traveled from Para to Camocim on the Fortaleza ship, on a route […]

23 of April of 1919

  Having left Funchal on April 9 to the city of Sto. António, in the Prince, aboard the steam Portugal, […]

14 of April of 1919

April, 14th. Continuing the route and before arriving in Príncipe. the ship Portugal, in which Eddington and Cottingham travel, still […]

13 of April of 1919

  April, 13th. Eddington and Cottingham arrive at the archipelago of Cape Verde where they make a short stop on São […]

9 of April of 1919

  Eddington and Cottingham felt very well in Madeira, with its moderate climate and a beautiful and varied landscape. Especially […]

8 of April of 1919

  April 8 marks the arrival  of expeditionaries who went to Brazil in the city of Belem do Pará, returning […]

23 of March of 1919

  Davidson and Crommelin arrive to Brazil, at the city of Para at Para’s state, at March 23.  Since it was […]

14 of March of 1919

  Having left Lisbon on 13 March, the four astronomers arrived in Funchal, Island of Madeira, on the 14th, coincidentally […]

12 of March of 1919

  Eddington and his companions arrived at Lisbon on March 12. The sub-director of the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon, Frederico […]

8 of March of 1919

  Today is 8th of March. This day marks .the departure of the English astronomers Arthur Stanley Eddington, Edwin Turner […]