Virtual Exchange programme involving 10 cross-sectional Science themes in 10 countries. During 2019, on the 29th of each month (except February and May), a theme will be debated simultaneously by students of several schools. The themes will be debated in Portuguese or English, according to the schools registered for each topic.

In each session we will have an invited specialist who will introduce a theme which will then be debated, simultaneously, by students and teachers of several teaching institutions.

-1st part- Introducing the theme (20 min.)

-2nd part- Discussion (20 min.)

The sessions will be through Google Hangouts and will be broadcasted live on You Tube.

Throughout the several sessions several themes will be addressed, such as: Príncipe’s biosphere, Climate change, Sky observations at the Greenwich Royal Observatory, eclipses, Inclusive astronomy, SKA, among others.

Joint this global event.

Registrations available in this form.


The 2019 sessions are available below.

We are improving the format of virtual school exchange and we will have news next year.

Keep checking this page for updates!

29 of July
Theme: How to communicate with an “alien” without Portuguese language 
Country: Japão
Speaker: Kumiko Usuda-Sato
See here this session.
29 of June

Theme: Ars Electronica Practises of Art and Science Residency Programs*

Country: Áustria

Speaker: Veronika Liebl

* This session of the Program 10 x 10 “10 Themes 10 Countries” belongs to the programming of StixCamp2019
See here this session.
29th de April
Theme:  The Importance of Solar Eclipses
Country: EUA
Speaker: Jay Pasachoff
See here this session.

29th of March

Theme: Causes and Effects of Climate Change – A Look at the Future of the Planet
Country: Portugal
Speaker: Luís R. Vieira – University of Porto
See here this session.
29th of January


Theme: Island of Príncipe’s biosphere Reserve

Country: São Tomé e Príncipe

Speaker: Plácida Lopes – Coordinator of the Island of Príncipe’s Biosphere Reserve Management Office