The exhibition E3 – Einstein, Eddington and the Eclipse – focused on historical aspects of the expeditions which brought Eddington and his companions Cottingham, Davidson and Crommelin to the island of Príncipe and  to Sobral, Brazil. It focuses on the unlikely encounter between Einstein and Eddington, the preparations of the expeditions in a time of war, the voyages, the observations and the impact of these expeditions on the national and international community of  astronomers, and also on the general public. It pays particular attention to the role of institutions, astronomers and experts in Lisbon, Portugal.

From 16th of May  and 8th of September of 2019 it was on display to the public at the University of Lisbon Museum of  Natural History and Science (MUNHAC).

The opening coincided with the release of the emission of CTT (Portuguese Post) postal stamps alluding to the centenary of the eclipse observations of 19th of May 1919 . See footage of this session in this video.

Curatorship: Ana Simões

Team: Ana Simões, Ana Eiró, Augusto Fitas, Joana Latas, João Retrê, José Afonso, José Avelãs Nunes, Luís Tirapicos, Paula Santos, Paulo Crawford, Pedro Ré.

Scientific consultants: Luís Miguel Carolino, Pedro Raposo


The exhibit was accompanied by several activities:

E3 –British expeditions for the 1919 total solar eclipse, in 18 steps

We invite you to follow and learn hilarious deteails of the British expedition to Sobral and Príncipe on this timeline from 1919, March 8th, the day the expeditioners left from Liverpool, until 1919, November 6th, the day of the public anouncement of the expedition’s results.





E3 – Einstein, Eddington and the Eclipse: Travel Impressions. Essay/Comics Book

Autors: Ana Simões (essay and argument) and Ana Matilde de Sousa (art)

Edition Lisboa: Chili com Carne

Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-989-8363-41-1





E3 – Einstein, Eddington and the Eclipse. Catalogue


The exhibition catalogue, Um Encontro Improvável, Duas Expedições Memoráveis (An Unlikely Encounter, Two Memorable Expeditions), published by MUHNAC and University of Lisboa. Text by Ana Simões, design by Vasco Ferraz and Mariana Sousa (Once Upon a Brand).




E3 –  Gazeta de Física Special Issue

In 2019, an issue of Gazeta de Física,  a magazine of the Portuguese Physics Society, will be dedicated to the centenary of the 1919 solar eclipse.

Editors: Augusto Fitas, Paulo Crawford e José Sande Lemos






E3 – Conference cycle 

Taking place between May and September @  Observatório Astronómico de Lisboa (OAL), organised by Instituto de Astronomia e Astrofísica (IA),  @ Caleidoscópio, organised by Centro Interuniversitário de História das Ciências e da Tecnologia and @ Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa (SGL), organised by the same institution.

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This exhibition is co-financed by national funds through  FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., in the scope of the (PTDC/IVC-HFC/3122/2014) VISÕES DE LISBOA. CIÊNCIA, TECNOLOGIA E MEDICINA (CTM) E A CONSTRUÇÃO DE UMA CAPITAL TECNO-CIENTÍFICA (1870-1940) project.